Private Pilot Licence

No. of Questions:

Number of Subjects : 2


Commercial Pilot Licence

No. of Questions:

Number of Subjects : 4


Airline Transpot Pilot Licence

No. of Questions:

Number of Subjects : 4

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About DGCA Exams

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation exams are the most prestigious and heavily anticipated by pilot aspirants all around the country. DGCAExams.in known for its expertise in the field of academic excellence and decades of experience in study support. Equipped with the latest technology set up and dedicated customer support 24/7. We have the best inputs in the market for you to achieve your dream.

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With DgcaExams.in , you can prepare for : ATPL exam online preparation and mock tests CPL exam online preparation and mock tests PPL online preparation and mock tests

Our ATPL exam online preparation and mock tests consists of 9900 handpicked Questions covering 4 Subjects.

CPL exam online preparation and mock tests consists of 20820 handpicked Questions covering 4 Subjects

PPL exam online preparation and mock tests consists of 2374 handpicked Questions covering 2 Subjects

Bespoke Analytics which gives the students detailed statistics on their weak areas, timing and difficulty levels so that the candidate can quickly react and improve the exam practice.

DgcaExams.in Provides Dgca Practice tests which includes CPL practice test, PPL practice test, ATPL practice test , CPL practice test includes:

Commercial Pilot Licence CPL practice test :

Dgca Practice Test Subjects:

PPL practice test includes :

Private Pilot License PPL practice test :

Dgca Practice Test Subjects:

ATPL practice test includes :

Airline Transport Pilot License ATPL practice test :

Dgca Practice Test Subjects:

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Technical General (PPL)
Composite (PPL)
Air Regulation (CPL)
Air Meteorology (CPL)
Technical General (CPL)
Navigation (CPL)
Meterology (ATPL)
Radio Aids (ATPL)
Navigation (ATPL)
Air Regulation (ATPL)
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